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3D Effects 

Art Deco  @ £4.50 for 250ml

A hardener for fabrics of all types as well as paper. This is a water based product which will stiffen the fabric as a whole or in part.
Either: Immerse the fabric in a carton of the paste, squeeze out the excess, shape or place over a mould, leave to dry and harden naturally,
Foxgloves and Jack Frost by Shirley Lewis

Or: paint an area of the cloth and leave to dry. If you wish to speed up the process, place the prepared fabric in a warm oven for about 5 minutes, it will continue to harden after removal from the oven. Any stitching should be done before the hardening paste is applied. The stiffened fabric can be painted after hardening .
 This sample was made by Sam Packer using the Art Deco product.

Modelight 160g blocks at £8

Modelight is easy to mould and dries within 24 hours, the effect is rather like papier maché.

After drying the piece can be painted with most types of paint. Holes drilled through for stitch or attaching to something else.

You can make moulds of almost any three dimensional object, from cane chairs to decorative wall tiles, or just make any shape you like.

This sample of Turkish delight is made from Modelight wrapped in paper stiffened with Art Deco

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