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Transfer foil 

Flexible Foil

From £3 a metre. Starter pack ‘Foiling is Fun’ £3.50
This can be used on any surface and with:


Foil glue @ £3 a jar [40 ml]

Apply the glue, either by drawing freehand direct from the container (rather like icing), or, by dabbing with a sponge with a stencil or printing block and allowing to go transparent. This can be about two hours in a warm room, but may be left for much longer, without any harm coming to it. I usually apply the glue the night before I need it.] Press the foil, colour side up, over the glue with the fingers, going into all the corners. Lift the foil carefully from the newly foiled shape.


 Bondaweb @ £4.00 a metre.

The required size and shape should be cut from the Bondaweb and ironed onto the background fabric,
remove the paper backing, place the foil, colour side up onto the Bondaweb and iron.
Lift the remaining foil from the shape.


The foil will stick, without adhesive, to the toner
in a photocopy, just iron the foil onto the print,
with a moderately hot iron, colour side up.
You will be able to foil lettering and fine line drawings by this method,.

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