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Strata Products

Xpandaprint 3.25 for 30ml

Simple to use for many and varied 3D effects, including stencilling and printing.
Apply with a brush, spatula, fork, sponge etc. Iron to expand, covering with greaseproof paper.
Colour may be added after expanding. Easily stitched into by hand or machine.


sample by Gwen Hedley

Tyvek 4 a pack

Any medium may be used to colour the film. After colouring, cut to shape and iron, or use
a heat gun to get desired effect. Full instructions in the pack.


Fibertex 4 a pack. from  'Surfaces for stitch'

This is a fabric which can be used as Tyvek in that it may be coloured with any medium before or after heating. The fabric is easily stitched into and used exactly as you would use a woven fabric. Because of the shrinkage when using a heat gun, beads and three dimensional objects can be made by wrapping a strip around a toothpick and sealing with a heat gun.
Full instructions in the pack.


Softsculpt 2.50 a pack. Pack with full instructions (to order only) 4 X A5 sheets available for  3.95

The foam may be heated for a few moments ;
in an electric oven, (150C) then quickly moulded round a shape while still warm,
or under baking parchment with an iron.
Designs or blocks can be embossed into the warm foam, when it can be used as a print block, painted, or stitched into.





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