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Image Transfer

Crafty Computer Fabrics

Crafty Computer fabric Sheets 2 cotton sheets @£6.00

White cotton fabric can be printed with an ink-jet printer.

Easy to use, print, remove backing and iron for a few minutes to ensure ink is totally dry before use.

The fabric can be gently washed by hand or with a cool wash in the machine if required.

Full instructions in the pack.

Display your family History in pictures on these fabric sheets, making a picture, cushion, throw or quilt. This picture was printed on one A4 sheet of the fabric. The photographs were assembled on screen and after printing, I stitched it to look like crazy patchwork.

The fabric softens with handling, making stitching easier.

Heat Transfer paper

Heat Transfer Paper 2 sheets A4 @£5.00

This paper can be used to transfer a design onto fabric, using an inkjet printer. Remember to mirror image your design if required, then print the photograph or art work onto the transfer paper ready for putting onto fabric, t-shirt, etc.

When you want to put the design onto fabric:-Pre heat the fabric by ironing for two seconds.

Position the Transfer paper, face down on the fabric.

Press firmly with a hot iron for about 15 seconds.

Peel off the paper while warm. (If it has cooled, reheat.)

The image can then be covered with silicon paper and pressed for 10 seconds, this will give a better finish.

Then the image may be stitched into as preferred.

Coasters by Janet Austin

Coasters by Janet Austin, using the Cotton Computer fabric sheets.

Full instructions in the pack.