Gillsew Embroidery Supplies


Washway Adhesive self adhesive water soluble fabric 102cm wide, £14.00 a metre.

Hot water soluble fabric @£14 a metre.

Loutro Soluble

Madeira Cold Water soluble (CWSF)

A product, with the appearance of 'vilene' to sew on and easily removed. Will take quite a lot of stitching.

£5.00 a metre.

Clear plastic, work can more easily be seen during machining, the different types are:

Romeo £5.00 a metre

Dissolve in warm water, can be used without a frame.

Guliette £4.00 a metre

half the thickness of Romeo. Dissolve in cold water.

Hot Water Soluble fabric

Hot water Soluble Fabric £14 a metre

This is a properly woven fabric which will take a great deal more stitching into than the other types, it can also be moulded into shape during the dissolving process. Stitch as required then pin the piece onto a piece of polystyrene before immersing it into a bowl of boiling water.

This sample was made by sandwiching the Hot Water Soluble fabric between layers of fabric, stitching a grid, then pouring boiling water over the sample in a washing up bowl. The soluble fabric shrinks, but the base fabric doesn't, giving it a shirred effect.

Washaway Pack

£8.00 [Contents change from time to time]

A bargain pack of all fabrics

1/2 metre Romeo

1/2 metre Gulietta

20cm washaway adhesive fabric

1/2 metre CWS

1/4 piece of the Paper