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I am interested in showing work produced using materials you have purchased from me. 

It is a pleasure to see how products can be used with imagination and skill.

This is student Leanne Taylor showing off some of her work for the UAL Art Foundation Final Major Project, completed this summer. She bought some of my Indian blocks which fitted in with her theme representing African Adinkra symbols. 

Leanne will be studying Costume and Performance design at Arts University, Bournemouth. 

Soluble Fabrics

This embroidery by Pauline Bradbury, a member of West Country embroiderers, was the first time she had used soluble fabric and unusually, hand stitching rather than machine embroidery was used.

Pauline used the Washaway adhesive fabric as a base, covered with the Madeira soluble, stitched into and dissolved.

1. Background embroidery on Aida

2. Hand embroidery on Washaway fabric background.

3. The dissolved stitching applied to Aida

If you have ideas of any products you would like to try out with my help, please contact me to discuss the possibilities
 email or phone GILLSEW on 01494 881886

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